Trough chain conveyor RFKG Heavy-Duty Line

Trough chain conveyor RFKG Heavy-Duty Line - For high throughputs and demanding.

- Long service life
- High operational reliability
- Easy maintenance

Trough chain conveyor RFKG Heavy-Duty Line

This trough chain conveyor RFKG Heavy-Duty Line is suitable for a wide range of applications in silo plants and processing industries. During the intake process it conveys the material from the intake hopper of freight trains or trucks. Then, it distributes the material to the different silo cells or discharges material from the silo cells. With its chain conveyor RFKG Heavy-Duty Line, Bühler offers a high-capacity conveyor capable of handling up to 1,200 tons of material per hour over distances of up to 150 meters. Long service life
  • When this trough chain conveyor was developed, particular attention was paid to the sturdy construction. The core elements include the drop-forged and hardened chain links. They offer high tensile strength and wear-resistance. Optional lining of the trough walls and chain guide rails made of manganese steel contribute to extend the service life.

High operational reliability

  • High plant availability due to safety features such as a level indicator in the driving station as well as a speed sensor in the reversing station to detect chain fracture.

Easy maintenance

  • Driving and deflection sprocket consist of bolted segments. This enables the easy and swift exchange of parts in the conveyor. Chain links with bolted unions can also be replaced in the conveyor.

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