TAS LAAB – Cleaning, grading, aspirating.

- High system availability and high flow rate
- High operational reliability and long service life
- Easy air volume regulation


Conditioning and/or cleaning is an essential step in every processing plant for grain or other bulk materials.
The goal is to optimize the storage life of the grain and to improve the quality of the product to be cleaned. This step can prevent disease, improve the process flow and enhance production reliability.
Available machine types are TAS 152A-2 / 154A-4 / 204A-4 / 206A-6 and TAS 153A-1 / 206A-2 / 210A-1 / 200A-III. These machines are optimally suited for applications in plants for the reception and storage of grain and other bulk materials, port facilities, mills, silo and storage plants, seed processing plants as well as malting plants.

High system availability and high flow rate

  • Safety equipment, such as the oscillation monitor on the screen box, provides protection against system malfunctions.
  • Thanks to the large number of screens in limited space and the tested and tried plansifter principle, high throughput rates can be attained while only small space is required.

Highest standards in terms of operational reliability and long service life

  • The machines of the TAS series were developed for continuous operation (24/7) in order to satisfy even maximum requirements.
  • Perforated screens with sturdy steel frames are kept clear by a service-proven rubber ball cleaning system.
  • Optional Rhino Hyde lining on the cleaning machine provides optimum protection against wear and noise during operation.

Easy air volume regulation

  • The continuously adjustable air volume regulation on the machine and a vertical sifter with an adjustable cross-section and inspection window ensure optimum cleaning quality for the products.
  • In addition, the recirculation of the aspiration air ensures the cost-effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Product groups

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