Table Separator Twitor® BSOA

Table Separator Twitor® BSOA – high yields with maximum operating reliability.

- Excellent separating efficiency
- Maximum operating reliability
- Low space requirements

Table Separator Twitor® BSOA

When specialty mills and grain cleaning installations require a higher degree of separating efficiency than is possible using a sieve or air classifier, therefore the table separator Twitor® BSOA is the ideal solution. It can be employed for a wide range of applications: In the area of grain and food processing, the table separator removes unhulled grains from grain mixes of either oats, rice, millet, coffee and other similar raw materials. It also effectively removes foreign objects and impurities from grain, pulses and small seeds.

Double-deck design provides excellent separating efficiency.
  • The combination of a primary and final separation deck in a single machine allows for outstanding separating efficiency in the selection process.
  • For applications where only normal separating efficiency is required, a single-deck version is also available. This alternative provides increased throughput capacity with the same machine size.

Maximum safety for personnel and product.
In designing the table separator, great effort was made to ensure maximum operator safety: It is impossible to reach into the drive components or into the bearings of the separation units. The closed design of the inlets and outlets eliminates the risk of getting one's hands caught in the machine.

A compact unit delivering exemplary performance.

  • The compact-designed table separator Twitor® BSOA takes up less space than a conventional machine.
  • Since one less conveying element is required, both investment and maintenance costs are lower. 
  • A range of setting options allows the unit to be quickly and easily adapted to changing product characteristics.


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