Spot filter LCBB

Spot filter LCBB – Dedusting at its best.

- Easy replacement of the filter bags
- Minimum dust circulation
- Pressure-shock resistance
- Compact design

Spot filter LCBB

Due to the constantly growing ecological awareness combined with stricter legal regulations, the dust aspiration has become a „must“ in almost every industrial sector. Therefore, spot filters LCBB are used to control dust emissions directly on conveyor systems. Spot filters LCBB are designed for the installation on e.g. elevators, belt and chain conveyors for the transport of grain and other bulk material.

Easy replacement of the filter bags

  • Easy to replace the filter bags thanks to the simple access to the raw gas side.

Minimum dust circulation

  • Large suction opening for a low flow rate keeps dust circulation at a minimum.
  • Dust return system prevents different types of dust from intermixing as well product losses.

Pressure-shock resistance

  • Special execution for combustible respective explosive dust available. Pressure-shock protected design (FPV-4D).

Compact design

  • Low space requirement for the spot filter LCBB and low investment costs thanks to the compact design and high air to cloth ratio.

Product groups

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