SORTEX K Optical Sorter

SORTEX K Optical Sorter - for the ultimate product quality in your process line.

- Outstanding efficiency
- Maximum profit and high precision
- High production capacity and flexibility
- Exemplary ease of use
- High sanitation standards

SORTEX K Optical Sorter

Innovative, precise and efficient: The SORTEX K optical sorting machine determines the purity of input product with exceptional accuracy within a split second. On the basis of colour, shape or other optical properties, defective items and foreign material are identified and separated from the product stream. The SORTEX K uses leading edge technology to deliver effective solutions for processors in the freezing and canning industries. It is able to inspect product in a blanched, unblanched or frozen state so that processors can position the sorter at any point in their line. Its main fields of application are fresh and frozen vegetables, fruits and berries. Outstanding efficiency thanks to leading-edge technology.
  • High-resolution bichromatic visible cameras detect the subtlest product defects and foreign matter. 
  • Optional InGaAs cameras can detect and clearly differentiate between many commonly found foreign materials such as light wood, blue plastic and cardboard.
  • Optional PROfile technology is another high-performance tool: product defects are identified through a combination of various parameters such as shape, size and colour.

Excellent performance enables maximum profit.

  • A minimum loss of good product during the sorting process ensures a maximization of profitability. 
  • The long life, high-resolution and high-speed ejectors and the integrated SmartEject™ system enable a very precise ejection of defective material.

Very flexible, high production capacity.

  • The 1.200 mm viewing width ensures high product flow that can typically sort up to 15 tons per hour.
  • The SORTEX K offers two feed options: For frozen foods, the sorter can be supplied with a rugged UHMW chute; for fresh or blanched products, a Powerslide™ conveyor is available.

Exemplary ease of use enhances profitability.
The 12.1″ multi-language enhanced user interface allows fast product changeovers and covers a wide range of pre-stored products. Because of the user-friendly interface, no special skills are required to set up the SORTEX K, and a completely new interactive screen further simplifies use. This ensures excellent and consistent performance. The modem for remote support is time-saving, as it allows the sorter to be regularly monitored from anywhere in the world, which further enhances profitability.

Top sanitation thanks to open design construction.
An open design construction enables easy sanitation and cleaning.

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