SORTEX E1C Optical Sorter

SORTEX E1C Optical Sorter - Removal of unwanted colour, foreign material and mis-shapen products with precision.

- High efficiency in defect removal
- Hygienic design
- Consistent performance
- Improved management of dusty products
- Superior handling of fragile products

SORTEX E1C Optical Sorter

Setting new standards in hygiene, precision and innovation.

The SORTEX E1C delivers safe, consistent yields for the food processing and recycling industry; nuts, beans and plastics. Built with an open design and stainless steel frame, the SORTEX E1C is easily cleaned and serviced, while its practical and functional features not only detect and remove contaminates and challenging foreign material such as discoloured and rotten products, shell, hull, sticks, stones but also separate butterballs from walnut halves, over/under sized nuts and wires from WEEE residue.

High efficiency in defect removal.

  • Combination of high definition camera and double-sided viewing
    Improves detection of subtle defects and challenging foreign material with broad-spectrum lighting, InGaAs technology and custom-designed bi-chromatic cameras.
  • PROfile (Shape) Technology
    Enhances detection of defects using shape characteristics.
  • Broad-spectrum lighting
    Enable viewing of a wide range of defects i.e. from blue to short wave infrared (SWIR) wavelengths.

Hygienic design.

  • Open design
    Open design and stainless steel frame construction allow hygienic operation and easy cleaning.

Consistent performance.

  • Climate control
    Maximises stability by maintaining a constant temperature in the optical and main control cabinets over a wide temperature range (0-50°C ambient temp).
  • State of the art optical construction
    The construction of the cameras and lighting system reduces dust and grease on optics, leading to stable performance.
  • High throughput, Continuous operation
    The forward-vibratory feed system and the absence of automatic wiping or calibration, maximises capacity and productivity.

Improved management of dusty products.

  • Air leg built into the in-feed vibrator and receptacle dust extraction points
    Improves sorting performance and reduces false rejects when sorting dusty products or products with loose skin.

Superior handling of fragile products.

  • Product handling
    A curved “Accept” receptacle ensures gentle handling of delicate products such as cashew nuts, whole redskin peanuts (with low moisture level e.g. from India, China), etc...
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