SORTEX Upgrade Kits

Proven, reliable and affordable, upgrade kits represent an investment in the future of your machine with a definite return. Whether it’s a software upgrade, the addition of extra functionalities or a complete overall, our experts will work with you to find the best solution.

Retrofit Increased Capacity
A kit has been developed which upgrades the current 2 channel sorter to a 3 channel sorter. The kit is available for a wide range of commodities. Cameras and chutes will be supplied according to the current sorter configuration.

Retrofit SORTEX Z to SORTEX Z+ Upgrade Kit
The SORTEX Z+ remains the most successful sorter
within the Bühler Sortex range. A kit has become available which will upgrade current Z series sorters to a SORTEX Z+ specification. Consequently customers with older sorters can now enjoy SORTEX Z+ benefits.

Retrofit Feed enclosure and dust extraction
To address the increased health and safety requirements in a processing plant, Bühler has designed some additional parts. The elements of this kit have been designed to fit together to create an enclosure, which can help limit spillage and keep dust emission to a minimum.

Retrofit Chute lift
The newly developed Chute lift kit is now available as a retrofit kit, to current sorters in the field. This kit has been developed to suit customers with rigorous cleaning requirements delivering easy access to the optical box windows.

Retrofit IP5X rated Control Cabinet
In addition to sealing the Control Cabinet from the outside
environment, this retrofit also improves the air circulation
within the Cabinet, by replacing the existing open
aspiration system with heat exchangers and fans and by
adding internal ‘stirrer’ fans.

SORTEX Customer Care Packages


Optical Sorters fed on innovation.
Bühler’s innovative product portfolio comprises of intelligent optical sorters, which detect and remove defective product and foreign material in food products and other commodities.