SmartChoc™ – Compact production system for chocolate and compound masses.

– Smart solution for small batch production
– Chocolate flavor treatment by Bühler light conching
– Modular system at an attractive price


For small batch production, Bühler has developed a new process solution with a bead mill, a mixer, and a conche. This combination of process elements allows the cost-efficient manufacture of chocolate and compound masses for numerous applications. Two variants of the system are available – SmartChoc™ for compound masses and SmartChoc™ Plus for chocolate production.

Smart solution for small batch production
With one or two ShearMix™ mixers and the Cenomic™ ball mill, the SmartChoc™ system is ideal for processing a wide range of end products such as compound chocolate or fat-based masses for coatings, fillings and creams, with a capacity of 90 to 400 kg per hour.

By using an ELK™-Light conche , the enhanced SmartChoc™ Plus variant becomes a chocolate production system with a capacity of 60 to 300 kg per hour.

Chocolate flavor treatment by Bühler light conching

This new conching process has been designed for ball mill grinding systems and is the key to producing chocolate. As a variation to the classical conching process where the conching follows the grinding step, with this system the light conching process is applied before grinding. Light conching can be applied to recipes based on crystalline or powder sugar. This important process step in the ELK™-Light conche allows the flavor treatment of the chocolate mass to be influenced, for example a caramel taste at high process temperatures or a natural, milky taste at lower temperatures during processing.

Modular system at an attractive price
SmartChoc™ is a very economically priced solution for embarking on efficient production of chocolate and compound masses. Thanks to its modular design, the solution is easily extendable and provides a smart and easy-to-use control concept. Customers also benefit from Bühler's process know-how for chocolate and compound production.


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