Seedmaster® – top product quality with minimized energy requirement.

- Massive energy savings
- Top product quality
- Enhanced efficiency
- Very easy operation and sanitation


The Seedmaster® has revolutionized the precrystallization process in chocolate production. Instead of the conventional tempering machine, Bühler relies on seed crystallization: The Seedmaster® produces a cocoa butter crystal suspension (CBCS), which is added at a continuous rate to the chocolate, filling, or nougat mass. The β-V and β-VI crystals are dispersed in the viscosity-controlled mixing unit, where they seed crystallization. The Seedmaster® is available in four design versions: Single for one, Twin for two, Tripple for three and Quattro for four independent production lines. Massive energy savings thanks to optimized throughput.
  • The automatic online throughput optimizing feature is based on the consumption volume of the line and reduces average energy consumption by at least 30% - in wet shell production for example as high as 75%.
  • Seed precrystallization of the mass in the Seedmaster® requires only one instead of three cooling zones of a conventional tempering machine – appreciably reducing the cost of the process.

Top product quality through optimized crystallization.

  • Seed precrystallization ensures a visually impeccable, glossy surface of the end product.
  • The Seedmaster® generates a stable crystal structure which retards the migration of fat. The result: The chocolate is perceptibly less prone to fat bloom.
  • Seed crystallization increases the storage stability especially of filled products.

Enhanced efficiency through optimized production process.
The optimized crystallization process significantly reduces the scrap rate and downtimes:

  • For a given tempering degree, the Seedmaster® achieves a lower viscosity. The mass spreads optimally throughout the mould during depositing.
  • Thanks to improved removal from the mould and contraction of the chocolate mass, the end product can be more easily demoulded.

Easy operation and sanitation.

  • In recipe changes, the Seedmaster® reduces both the retooling times and the required volume of flushing mass by as much as 50%.
  • The Seedmaster® is easy to operate with a high availability - maintenance costs and downtimes are minimized.


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