Screw Feeder MWSB

Screw Feeder MWSB – for satisfying top sanitation requirements.

- High degree of sanitation
- Maximum proportioning accuracy
- Low maintenance

Screw Feeder MWSB

The versatile Bühler screw feeder MWSB has been designed to satisfy the most rigorous sanitation requirements. It can be applied for high-precision volumetric proportioning or for feeding material at a controlled rate to a gravimetric system. In addition, this screw feeder can be used for conveying powdered products in the food industry. Its throughput capacity is as high as 170 m3/h. Optimized design for perfect sanitation.
  • The optimal design of the components in contact with the product prevents dust zones from being created. This prevents residues.
  • Thanks to the use of sealed bearings, contamination is ruled out. Absolute product purity is thus guaranteed.
  • Upon request, a withdrawable screw is available. It satisfies the most stringent sanitation requirements.

Best product quality thanks to high proportioning accuracy and consistency.
The design of the outlets, which is optimally tailored to the specific application, produces optimal proportioning characteristics. In addition, the product-specific design of this module ensures top proportioning consistency. This results in an outstanding product quality.

High-grade components, ruggedness, low-maintenance design.

  • The outstanding quality of the screw in conjunction with high-grade seals ensure a long service life of the screw feeder MWSB.
  • Thanks to its intelligent design, all components are readily accessible. As a result, the screw feeder offers extreme ease of maintenance.


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