Sample Collector MZET

Sample Collector MZET – The customized solution.

- Flexible design
- Constant moisture content
- Maximum process reliability

Sample Collector MZET

The sample collector MZET is available in two different versions. The machine type MZET 10 is applied for automatic collection of up to 12 samples. As model MZET 1 it is used for collecting one product sample in a 10 liter container. Both types are employed in grain milling and is used for whole kernel, flour and semolina. The volume of the individual sample containers is five or ten liters depending on design. An optional RFID data storage unit makes automated sample identification possible. Hygenic Design
- Stainless steel construction

Constant moisture content
- Each container will be closed automatically after filling
- Unique sealing principle protects the sample against drying out

Flexible Design
- Design with 5 or 10 liters containers
- Automatically sample identification due to optional RFID
- In combination with the sampler MZEA or MZED of Bühler


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