Roller trough belt conveyor LBAA

Roller trough belt conveyor LBAA – Easy conveying across long distances.

- Long life cycle
- Easy maintenance
- High efficiency
- High operational reliability

Roller trough belt conveyor LBAA

Belt conveyors are the most efficient continuous conveyors, even if the material handled is sensitive or corrosive. Bühler roller trough belt conveyor LBAA not only ensure reliable and gentle conveying, but are also efficient, energy-saving, and flexible across long distances. The roller trough belt conveyor LBAA has a maximum capacity of 2,000 t/h and an overall length of up to 350 m. It is mainly used in facilities for the collection and storage of grain and other bulk materials from the food and animal feed industry, port facilities as well as in the processing industry.

Long life cycle

  • The drives, bearings, support idlers, and belts are characterized by their especially high ruggedness and are therefore suitable for continuous duty.

Easy maintenance

  • The open design allows quick and easy exchanging of parts.

High efficiency

  • Almost resistance-free conveying (due to the conveying principle based on rolling friction) results in low drive power requirements.

High operational reliability

  • The safety devices include an off-track detector, speed detector, and pull wire switch.

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