Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Dolomit MDDP/MDDQ

Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Dolomit MDDP/MDDQ – For maximum grinding efficiency.

- Consistent grinding
- User-friendly operation
- High operating reliability

Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Dolomit MDDP/MDDQ

The Roller Mill Dolomit delivers high grinding performance and consistency in the processing of wheat and buckwheat, durum wheat, maize, rye, barley, spelt, millet and sorghum. The Eight-Roller Mill MDDQ also allows for the simultaneous milling of malt and unmalted grain, making it ideal for use in brewing operations. In addition to functional aspects, an attractive visual design was emphasized during the conception of the unit. Optimal design for the optimal sanitation
  • The partitioned paneling and patented swing-out feed module guarantee ideal access to the feeding and grinding rolls. This makes residue-free cleaning possible.
  • The design of the roller mill features seamless doors – this eliminates dust discharge when the doors are opened.

Best possible grinding through proven machine components

  • Bühler's proven material feeding system with patented gravimetric product measurement and wide product spreading form the perfect foundation for consistent grinding results.
  • Electronic feed roll regulation automatically accounts for material variations, thus guaranteeing consistent feeding.
  • The compact and self-contained roll pack ensures efficient and consistent grinding at an unvaryingly precise grinding setting.

User-friendly design allows for convenient operation

  • The top panel on the roller mill can be swung out to an angle of 180°. This enables maximum machine accessibility as well as fast and thorough cleaning.
  • The unit's ergonomic design and the intelligent arrangement of controls provide a high degree of user-friendliness.

Durable, low-maintenance design for best operating reliability

  • The time-tested and durable technology of the roll pack and frame design, as well as the low-wear belt transmission, ensure a long service life and dependable operation of the machine.
  • The Four- and Eight-Roller Mill Dolomit MDDP/MDDQ comes equipped with a proven machine control system. It was specially developed with the temperature and vibration conditions of the roller mill in mind and provides for best operating reliability and consistent production.
  • The centralized lubrication system enables fast lubrication of all bearings. An optional roll removal device makes changing the rolls easier – reducing downtimes to a minimum.