Antares Plus MDDR/MDDT roller mill -

Antares Plus MDDR/MDDT roller mill - The plus in flour quality and operating reliability.

- Consistent product quality
- Highest yield
- Increased operating reliability

Antares Plus MDDR/MDDT four and eight-roller mill

The Antares four or eight-roller mill is known for impeccable grinding results, top sanitation, and consistently reliable operation. Antares Plus combines all these benefits and, as a plus, offers maximum consistency in terms of flour quality and yield, and increased operational reliability. Consistent product quality.
The automatic grinding gap adjustment system with the particle size measurement system (PSM Online MYTA) ensures that the Antares Plus roller mill maintains consistent optimal grinding. Particle size deviations are corrected automatically, accurately, and in real time. This ensures consistent product Quality.

Continuously high yields.
Grinding action is constant at all times, regardless of personnel and raw material quality. Continuous, automatic measurement and control ensures consistently high flour yield.

Safety all around.
With Antares Plus, safety takes top priority not only in terms of the quality of the finished product, but also during the grinding process. The roll and bearing temperature monitoring systems ensure maximum operating safety. The innovative aspiration flap minimizes condensation and thus guarantees top sanitation.
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