Roasting system Tornado RSX

Roasting system Tornado RSX – roasting, sterilizing and taste control in one system.

- Significantly higher throughput
- Optimal flexibility for recipe differentiation
- Significantly lower production costs

Roasting system Tornado RSX

Bühler Barth's advanced development of the Tornado RS is our Tornado RSX with the focus on improved taste and color development including more efficient energy use and increased throughput. For the first time, this roaster combines two different roasting technologies, the convective as well as the conductive roasting.

Our batch roaster allows an almost unlimited variety of different process parameters; flexible combinations of roasting time, temperature and moisture control are possible. Thus, each roasting recipe can be adapted specifically to cocoa beans of any origin, also ensuring optimum aroma development, and flavor intensity.

In addition, added water or saturated steam during the roasting sterilizes a batch effectively to a germ count in the final product of less than 1000 CFU / gram. This can be monitored by the HydroKen™.

HydroKen™ HydroKen™

The injection of water or liquid solutions with alkali or sugars enables a targeted taste development as well. This can neutralize foreign tastes (for example, smoky or hamy) by increasing cocoa or roasted notes.
The Tornado RSX has a fundamental new industrial / process design that meets the hygiene and safety requirements of the food industry. The new Tornado RSX is characterized by an exemplary cleaning option, new process control, optimum operability including the option of moisture-based roasting and improved energy input.

Roasting Process Technology

This special combination of convective as well as conductive roasting enables a precise adjustment of the recipe for color and taste development, leading to an improved differentiation in product quality. Furthermore, it allows to address specifically a drying step which increases the throughput up to 20%.

With the patented „Performance Drum” and "Polycyclic Relaxation Process", the energy efficiency of the Tornado RSX, and the conventional Tornado RS, can be improved. Up to 20% energy savings or throughput increases can be achieved by this.

Moisture-based roasting and online monitoring of the "Critical Control Point"

The latest innovation in roasting technology is the moisture-based roasting, which brings temperature and time in relation to the moisture content. This allows a better and more reproducible process control. A precise recipe development with regard to desired product quality or process optimization is achieved by means of moisture sensor, the so-called HydroKen™. The sensor enables the product moisture to be recorded online during real-time in roasting and therefore control the process. The HydroKen™ is already used to shorten the roasting time, optimize specific flavor notes and monitor the "Critical Control Point" during debacterization.