Roasting system Tornado RS

Roasting system Tornado RS – roasting, sterilization, and taste control of nibs all in one.

- High flexibility
- Combined roasting and sterilization
- Targeted flavor improvement
- Energy-saving

Roasting system Tornado RS

The Bühler Barth roasting system Tornado RS is based on a unique operating principle which combines roasting, sterilization, and taste control in a single machine. Batch operation allows maximum flexibility in the processing of cocoa nibs. Outstanding flexibility with the batch roasting system. 
  • Batch operation allows an almost boundless variety of different process conditions, since any required roasting time and temperature combination is possible. 
  • The roasting process can be tailored to individual cocoa varieties of any origin – for optimal flavor development and intensity of taste.

Roasting and sterilization in a single machine. 

  • Unlike conventional roasting processes, the roasting system Tornado RS additionally sterilizes the cocoa nibs during the roasting process. 
  • The addition of water or saturated steam during roasting sterilizes the batch in a highly effective manner and thus ensures a sterile end product with a total plate count below 1000 per gram.

Targeted flavor improvement through injection of solutions during roasting. 

  • The possibility of injecting water and liquid solutions such as alkali or sugar solutions allows extensive control of the taste development of the cocoa nibs. 
  • Even taste deficiencies of the nibs such as a smoky or hamy taste can to a certain extent be neutralized and corrected.

Efficient energy utilization through hot air recycling. 

  • The advanced heating system operates indirectly, directing the hot air around the enclosed roasting drum. About 85 percent of the hot air is returned to the burner system, where it is reheated. 
  • The utilization of the exhaust air of the roasting system for preheating the burner air is another possibility of saving energy, as this reduces energy consumption to the absolute minimum.


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