Retrofit Package AutoGap for Automatic Roll Gap Adjustment of PolyFloc<sup>TM</sup> flaking mills

Retrofit Package AutoGap for Automatic Roll Gap Adjustment of PolyFlocTM flaking mills

- High degree of automation for the gap adjustment
- Consistently high flaking quality and throughput
- Lower operation and maintenance costs
- Less time needed for operation and maintenance work
- Very fast and easy roll gap calibration in a few seconds (“one-button-calibration”)

Retrofit Package AutoGap

Bühler’s new and unique retrofit package offers a completely automated solution for the roll gap adjustment of PolyFlocTM flaking mills (BCFA) for breakfast cereal applications and oat mills.

High degree of automation for best flaking quality
The unique control technology of this AutoGap system ensures that the roll gap opening or the clamping force on the rolls is constantly at the same level (automated control loop); this ensures consistent flake thick¬ness at high throughput rates over the course of production, even with changing production parameters. The result is a more convenient and more reliable operation of PolyFlocTM flakers.

Less components result in less maintenance effort
In comparison to the old system only one double-acting cylinder is used per side. This cylinder fulfills the rolls engaging and disengaging and also the fine tuning of the roll gap. This new design reduces the number of components of the system and also the vibration level and results in less wear, less maintenance work and lower wear part costs. In addition, the entire hydraulic system is energy and wear wise optimized.

Quicker and more convenient roll gap calibration
A new and rapid automatic parallel roll gap calibration function avoids time consuming manual procedure (“one-button-calibration” in a few seconds). This allows a quicker start-up of the machine with less waste product and also reduces the operational work.

Available as a retrofit and with new flaking mills
The new AutoGap system can be used with H1 food grade hydraulic oil and is available as a retrofit for your existing PolyFloc (BCFA 508, BCFA 608 and BCFA 612) Flaking Mill and also with a new PolyFlocTM (BCFA) Flaking Mill.


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