Purifier Puromat MQRF

Purifier Puromat MQRF – for pure, premium-quality semolina and fine semolina.

- Impressive throughput capacity
- Reliable feeding
- Perfect sanitation
- Easy maintenance and monitoring

Purifier Puromat MQRF

The purifier Puromat MQRF is applied in the purification and grading of semolina and middlings in durum wheat, common wheat and corn (maize) mills. The Puromat guarantees pure, high-quality semolinas as intermediate or finished products. Impressive throughput capacity.
  • With a net sieve width of 460 mm and three sieve decks, the purifier Puromat excels through its high throughput of up to 3 t/h per machine.
  • It is possible to stack two Puromat units one atop the other. Throughput is thus doubled with minimal footprint.

Reliable feeding and sieve cleaning for superior product quality.

  • The material fed to the machine at a uniform rate is distributed across the entire width of the sieve via a feed gate. This provides for a continuous process and thus reproducible product quality.
  • Dependable cleaning of the sieves makes all processes transparent – another guarantee for achieving consistently high product quality.

Perfect sanitation thanks to intelligent design.

  • Metal sieve frames with brush cleaners and easy cleaning accessibility prevent product deposits and provide for perfect sanitation of the purifier Puromat.
  • The optimized design of the air collection duct enables residue-free and therefore hygienic operation.

Design meeting the needs of practice enables easy maintenance and monitoring.

  • A maintenance-free drive without lubrication points reduces maintenance costs.
  • The machine interior is illuminated and allows the user to monitor operation during the entire process, from material feed to discharge of the sieve throughs.


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