Purifier Polaris MQRG

Purifier Polaris MQRG – where high capacity meets optimal economy.

- High throughput
- Top sanitation
- Low operating costs
- Perfected design

Purifier Polaris MQRG

High capacity, economy, dependability and perfect design are the outstanding attributes of Bühler's purifer Polaris MQRG. The machine is applied in the purification and grading of semolina and middlings in common wheat, durum wheat and corn (maize) mills. High throughput capacity.
  • Thanks to its wider sieves, the Polaris can increase throughout by 20% with minimal space requirements.
  • The maximum separating efficiency provided by the Polaris increases yield.
  • The option of stacking two purifiers atop one another means that capacity can be doubled and space can be utilized optimally.

Polaris – with a sharp focus on sanitation.

  • High-quality, corrosion-free materials ensure contaminant-free finished products.
  • The completely enclosed purifier fulfills the strictest international sanitation standards.
  • The streamlined aspiration system and improved air distribution ensure residue-free, hygienic operation.

Low operating costs thanks to precise air flow control.

  • Low-maintenance oscillation elements, combined with a maintenance-free, energy-saving drive, reduce downtimes to an absolute minimum.
  • Integrated LED lighting provides excellent sieve illumination and simultaneously lowers energy consumption.
  • Easy-to-set, precise air flow control guarantees optimal air distribution with low energy consumption.

Perfect design – ergonomic and functional.

  • With its innovative design, the purifier Polaris blends effortlessly with the styling of the Antares roller mill and the Sirius plansifter, harmoniously completing Bühler's "The New Art of Milling" concept.
  • The ergonomic and functional design concept results in exemplary user-friendliness and easy maintenance.


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