PreciFeed™ – Feeder for the precise feeding of inclusions.

- High precision feeding process
- Flexible adaptation to many different products
- Hygienic design for optimum food safety
- Simple integration into existing systems


The high-precision and flexible PreciFeed™ feeder is tailor made for the manufacture of filled chocolate products such as pralines and tablets. High-precision feeding system
PreciFeed™ impresses through its precise positioning of inclusions in the mould. Here PreciFeed™ achieves feeding accuracy of up to 99.5 % for different inclusions such as nuts, pistachios, chocolate drops and granules. The inclusions are fed thorough the main hopper to the vibrating tracks with individual drives, which apply defined vibration to transport the ingredients to the feed drum or distributor plate.
A special photocell unit combined with air nozzles allows the inclusions to be fed precisely into the drum or distributor plate, both of which are servo controlled.

Flexible adaptation to many different products
Different mould configurations can be served by just one feeder, thus allowing production to be changed quickly. The maximum width of the mould is 1200 mm and up to forty product ranges can be fed. In spite of the high insertion accuracy, calibrated nuts are not required. A further advantage is that PreciFeed™ allows two inclusions to be fed into one product cavity.

Hygienic design for optimum food safety
A feature of PreciFeed™ is that it offers high hygiene standards. The surface of the tracks has been specially treated to provide safe protection against deposits of fats from the inclusions. All materials used comply with the latest food regulations. Parts of the machines that come into contact with the inclusions can be dismantled quickly and easily so that they can be cleaned and washed thoroughly in a separate washing station.

Simple integration into existing systems
PreciFeed™ is designed for continuous, cycle-driven chocolate depositing lines for many different makes and for coating systems. The Simatic S7 PLC or, as an alternative, the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix is used for the control and this helps to achieve a rapid changeover of the feed processes – for both counted and volumetric feeding.


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