Depositing machine PowerShot™

Depositing machine PowerShot™ – multifunctional and high-capacity depositing.

- Excellent product quality
- High flexibility
- User-friendly operation
- High operating reliability

Depositor PowerShot™

High capacity, multifunctional, and precise: The Bühler Bindler depositor PowerShot™ deposits chocolate and filling masses of all viscosities, with or without ingredients. Its operation is extremely dependable and of high precision. The PowerShot™ has been specially designed for high-capacity operation and is characterized by the systematic flexibility it offers in combination of spot and ribbon deposit, ribbon depositing, or one-shot depositing mode. Outstanding product quality and high throughput capacity.
  • Synchronized and volumetrically accurate depositing of product by up to 400 single pistons ensures top-class products and at the same time a high throughput capacity.
  • High-grade depositing tools ensure very homogeneous distribution of the mass and ingredients and thus contribute significantly to a high end product quality.

Systematic variability for a broad product range.

  • The wide selection of different pistons and depositing molds allows an enormous product variety.
  • Thanks to its special design, the piston system is also suitable for multiple-color depositing. Moreover, the PowerShot™ is one-shot-enabled.
  • The piston system and the depositing head can be completely withdrawn sideways during ongoing production. This allows fast and easy changing of masses or other applications.

Touch-panel for customer-friendly operation.
The control board attached directly to the machine allows easy and convenient control. Optimized basic settings for every article are saved in the recipe memory and ensure absolute reproducibility.

Efficient fault message system for high operating reliability.
The integrated fault message system provides plain-text information on incorrect inputs and operating trouble. Fast localization allows trouble to be immediately corrected or other appropriate action to be taken.


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