Preconditioner POLYtherm™ BCTC

Preconditioner POLYtherm™ BCTC – the economical all-rounder.

- Consistently high product quality
- Space-saving integration in systems
- Excellent sanitation
- Low energy costs

Preconditioner POLYtherm™

The preconditioner POLYtherm™ is employed wherever the conditioning and mixing of raw materials for subsequent processing is required. Especially when used in combination with an extruder, the unit opens up new possibilities for innovative products of the highest quality. The application area of the POLYtherm™ stretches from laboratory use to product development through to industrial application in the production of breakfast cereals, food ingredients, aquafeed and petfood. The POLYtherm™ is available in five different sizes – with volumes of 100 to 2000 liters. Separate mixing and retention zones for consistently high product quality.
Bühler's patented concept, which separates the mixing zone and the retention zone in the POLYtherm™ from one another, guarantees consistent, outstanding product quality: 
  • In the mixing zone, material is optimally mixed with steam or liquids. 
  • Due to the separation of the two zones, retention time can be controlled exactly and completely independently from mixing. Thus, it can be precisely adapted to the given product requirements. 

Space-saving integration in systems.
The material inlet is vertically positioned exactly above the outlet – with two advantages: for one, the POLYtherm™ does not take up much space; also, it can easily be pushed to one side and bypassed when preconditioning is not required.

Excellent sanitation thanks to optimal design.
The preconditioner POLYtherm™ is characterized by outstanding sanitation: 

  • Large doors on both sides allow for easy access to the entire interior of the machine – thus, cleaning and maintenance can be carried out without any difficulty. 
  • The overlapping flight geometry configuration in the mixing and retention zones provides for thorough scraping of all internal contact surfaces. This enables complete discharge of the preconditioner when production has been completed. 

Low energy costs through thermal precooking.
Thanks to efficient precooking in the POLYtherm™, the mechanical energy input in the extruder is reduced significantly; torque is reduced by up to 50 %. This leads to lower energy costs for the entire process. Additionally, the throughput capacities of the extruder increase due to the lower torque.


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