Plug Diverter MAYK

Plug Diverter MAYK – robust and dependable.

- Compact design
- 100% leak proof
- Excellent sanitation
- Minimal maintenance required

Plug Diverter MAYK

The plug diverter MAYK was conceived as a special branch-off component for pneumatic pressure and suction conveyors. The intelligently engineered two-way distribution element allows the conveying of powdery and granular materials in the food and feed manufacturing industries to be optimized. Thanks to its availability in a number of versions, the conveying line diverter is suitable for use for with an extremely wide range of materials. Compact, flexible, space-saving.
  • The plug diverter MAYK is compatible with the pipe diameters in ISO (mild steel) and mm (stainless steel). Transition cones are therefore unnecessary.
  • The pneumatic pivoting drive can be mounted flexibly on either the right or left – an advantage particularly where there is little installation space.

Always a clean solution.

  • The FDA-compliant plug diverter MAYK meets the highest sanitation standards: The gray cast iron version is suited for use with flours and non-corrosive materials, while nickel is available for use with lightly corrosive products. Salt and heavily corrosive products are conveyed by the stainless steel version.
  • A special version designed for use with sugar, as well as an extraordinarily wear-resistant version, suitable e.g. for oats and grain not yet cleaned, guarantee an outstanding level of sanitation.

Special enhanced version for the highest sanitation requirements.

  • For products with extraordinary sanitation requirements, Bühler offers a specially enhanced version of the plug diverter MAYK. Here, additional Teflon mechanical seals prevent contamination of the conveyed material, thus ensuring maximum product purity.

Easy to install and maintain thanks to intelligent design.

  • The standard suspension system, available as an option, makes installing the plug diverter MAYK especially simple.
  • The electro-pneumatic actuator excels with its double-action pneumatic cylinder, which is virtually maintenance-free.


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