Small plansifter Seginus MPAS

Small plansifter Seginus MPAS – with intelligent drive concept

- Innovative drive system
- Flexible installation
- Maximum throughput, minimum space requirement
- Top sanitation

Small plansifter Seginus MPAS

The small plansifter Seginus sifts and sorts grist- and flour-type products in wheat, rye, corn and durum wheat mills. In addition, coarsely ground product or free-flowing granulate can be reliably graded. Innovative drive concept.
  • Drive is integrated into the frame of the small plansifter
  • Belt-less direct drive
  • Convenient maintenance and wear-free operation
Flexible installation.
  • Available in two different sizes, with up to 14 or 22 sieves per sieve stack
  • Free configurability of the NOVAPUR sieve stack
  • Flexible integration in every production environment
Maximum throughput, minimum space requirement.
  • In comparison to similar plansifters Seginus provides up to 20% more throughput performance.
  • The integrated drive allows a compact construction, thereby reducing the need for space by about 30-70%.
Top sanitation.
  • NOVAPUR sieve stacks made of polyurethane with stainless steel frame inserts guarantee maximum sanitation: wood, nuts and brackets are things of the past. In addition, product build-up is prevented by the smooth profiles.
  • All interior walls and doors are effectively insulated, thereby reducing the formation of condensation significantly.
  • Each component in contact with the product is made of stainless steel or high-quality PUR.

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