Plansichter Arenit Plus MPAV

Plansichter Arenit Plus MPAV - Highest standards of hygiene and sifting capacity.

- High sifting capacity
- Maximum Sanitation
- Reliable Operation
- Optimal use of space

Plansifter Arenit Plus MPAV

The Plansifter Arenit Plus is setting new standards for efficient and sanitary sifting and sorting for grist and flour-type products in wheat, rye, maize, durum and specialty mills. In addition to reliable sifting and sorting, the Arenit Plus is also outstandingly suited for accurate classifying of floury and grain products. The Arenit Plus can also be utilized as a powerful control sifter in flour silos before packaging and bulk loading.

The special design of the interior space and the NOVATEC sieve stack assures easy cleaning and meets the highest standards of food safety. The extremely sturdy framework construction provides safe operation while the lightweight motor significantly reduces energy use. The compact design significantly reduces the amount of space needed.

High sifting capacity
  • The NOVATEC sieve generation makes the highest sieving capacity possible thanks to intense cleaning. The net sieve surface of up to 84 m 2 with up to 26 NOVATEC sieves per compartment enable high sifting performance with easy cleaning and minimum maintenance effort.
  • High dynamic acceleration increases the intensity of the sieve motion, consequently improving the sifting effect.

Maximum sanitation.

  • The NOVATEC sieve frames in the Arenit Plus are made of a single piece of resistant synthetic material. That means that the sieve frames do not need any connecting elements or coatings. This guarantees a contamination-free sifting process. The robust insert frame is made of lightweight and corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • The interior is made of high-quality materials. All interior walls as well as the doors are generously insulated which effectively prevents buildup of condensation.
  • During sieving and grading, partitions in the compartment channels ensure excellent sealing action. This prevents dust from the outgoing material from whirling up, thus ensuring high product safety.
  • The stacked sieve frames are securely sealed off from one another. The tight sieve stack and an intelligent sealing system when doors are closed further guarantee dust-free operation and prevent cross-contamination of the products.

Reliable Operation

  • By using casted drive frames, the Arenit shows a maximum of stiffness.
  • The field-tested, robust drive with built-in motor is extremely durable – running costs decline as a result.

Optimal use of space

  • NOVA sieve cleaners, designed for combined cleaning of sieve covers and sieve trays, reach every corner and therefore make another key contribution to the machine's highest sifting capacity at a minimum footprint.


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