Pellet Mill DPHD

Pellet Mill DPHD - state-of-the-art compacting technology.

- High efficiency
- Top sanitation
- Easy maintenance and high flexibility
- Space-saving

Pellet Mill DPHD

Bühler is a leading manufacturer of food processing and animal feed processing equipment. The Bühler pellet mill DPHD/DPHE is specifically designed for the production of high quality feed pellets. It can also be applied in the flour milling and oilseed processing industries. A modern and powerful machine for efficient pellet production.
  • Customizable circumferential die speed, thanks to modern power transmission engineering. 
  • Powerful shouldered two-stage drive up to 2x 200 kW, high loadable poly V-belts. 
  • Large die diameter up to 900 mm and width up to 300 mm for high capacity pellet production.

High sanitation standards through intelligent design.

  • Integrated by-pass at the pellet mill inlet meets highest hygienic requirements. 
  • Electric surface heating system and heating pads on the inlet guarantee reliable product heating and top feed safety. 
  • Hot air can be induced at the pellet mill door and inlet for high sanitation standards and to prevent condensation.

Easy maintenance and high flexibility thanks to optimized construction.

  • The automatic lubricating system doses the ideal amount of grease to the roll and main bearings, ensuring a longer bearing lifetime. 
  • The auxiliary drive (optional) makes it simple to rotate the press die and facilitates cleaning, changing the press die and checking the press roll settings. 
  • Depending on the application and the required die change method, a Standard, Robusta or Quick-Pack die clamping system – for fast and easy die change – can be applied.

Advance design saves space.

  • Low space requirements thanks to advanced pellet mill design.


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