DC-Peeler MHXM-W

DC-Peeler MHXM-W – for maximum reduction of contamination.

- Maximum reduction of contamination
- Improved material purity and reliability
- Best flour and semolina quality
- Reduced wear on production elements

DC-Peeler MHXM-W

The DC-Peeler MHXM-W is applied in the grain processing industry for reducing contamination caused by bacteria, mycotoxins and toxic heavy metals. It is suited to the processing of wheat, rye, barley and oats. At the same time, the DC-Peeler serves to improve the quality of the end products with regard to their processing. Massive reduction of contamination thanks to gentle peeling of grain.
  • The DC-Peeler gently removes the outermost layers of the grain through the interaction of the rotor and screen jacket – at throughput capacities of 2 to 10 t/h. The process significantly reduces grain contamination (bacteria count, DON, heavy metal, filth content).
  • Thanks to the peeling process, the overall bacteria count is reduced by 40 to 50 %.

Improved material purity and reliability via efficient peeling.
The peeling process removes contamination from the surface of the grain: This ensures both the purity and the reliability of the material as well as conforming to legal requirements regarding hygiene.

Whiter flour and semolina
The DC-Peeler reduces the amount of specks and bran particles in the material, thus creating the conditions for best semolina and flour quality with a higher accumulated value:

  • Low-ash flour ensures better color and less dough discoloration in fresh products.
  • The yield of whiter flours increases.
  • Peeling results in whiter semolinas and a greater semolina yield in durum wheat grinding.

Reduced wear to subsequent production elements.
Because the DC-Peeler removes contamination in the surface of the grain, subsequent production elements are subject to less wear: In wheat grinding, the corrugation (fluting) service life of the rolls increases significantly.


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