Pearler BSPB

Pearler BSPB – optimal preparation for durum wheat grinding.

- Excellent semolina quality
- High yields
- Stable process
- Efficient hygienization

Pearler BSPB

Bühler's pearler BSPB delivers the highest possible yields and best semolina quality in the processing of durum wheat. Through efficient removal of the outer hull layers, it provides for speck-free semolinas. It is also suitable for refining barley and other grain varieties. Premium quality semolina.
  • By removing the outermost hull layers prior to grinding, the pearler BSPB significantly reduces bran breakage, thus producing virtually speck-free semolinas.
  • The treatment process also gives the semolina a more attractive, yellower color.

Maximum yield via proper pre-treatment.
In addition to improvements in terms of quality, the lower proportion of hulls leads to a higher yield at a constant ash level. Overall, a greater amount of pure semolina is pro-duced as compared to mills with no pearler.

Stable process through hull reduction.
Hull reduction stabilizes the entire milling process. Thus, production fluctuations caused by climate, which entail high personnel expenses for process control and regulation, are effectively reduced to a minimum.

Excellent hygiene via efficient elimination of fungal spores.
The pearler BSPB also removes fungal spores that have accumulated on the outer hull layers of the grain, thus significantly reducing the danger of mold formation in subsequent process steps.