Outlet Hopper MFAK

Outlet Hopper MFAK - uniform product descent from silos.

- Segregation-free discharge
- Easy to install

Outlet Hopper MFAK

Bühler's outlet hopper MFAK provides segregation-free discharge of free-flowing products from silos. Suitable applications include various types of cereals and semolinas.

Segregation-free discharge thanks to clever hopper design.
Bühler's outlet hopper consists of two interconnected hoppers that merge together in a vertical outlet element. The design insures the self-regulation of material flow over the circular cross-section area and inner hopper. This guarantees equal dwell times in flow silos and uniform material descent over the entire cross-section of the silo, thereby eliminating segregation.

Simple design reduces installation time to a minimum.
Bühler's outlet hopper MFAK is delivered as a ready-to-use component which is mounted onto a silo bin with a simple cone. Costly bin constructions are thus avoided – the MFAK's simple design reduces time spent on installation to a minimum.


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