Sieve Stack Retrofit Novapur

Sieve Stack Retrofit Novapur – optimal sanitation with state-of-the-art technology.

- Pure products
- Fulfills highest sanitation requirements
- Increases throughput capacity

Sieve Stack Retrofit Novapur for Plansifters MPAG, MPAJ, MPAH, MPAK

Bühler offers a wide array of sieve elements for the fractionating of ground grain. This allows flour from common and durum wheat, corn (maize), oats or rye to be separated into different particle sizes. Retrofit versions of the Novapur sieve stack are available for Bühler's MPAG, MPAJ, MPAH and MPAK plansifters. Absolutely pure products.
  • Novapur sieve stacks are made of stainless steel and come with polyurethane (PUR) frames. They guarantee the hygienic production of safe, unadulterated products.
  • The Novapur Retrofit package fulfills strict international standards of hygiene (FDA, BRC, IFS etc.).
  • The absence of wooden parts, screws and nails ensures a high level of production and process safety.

Sanitation at the highest level.
Cleaning Novapur sieves is easy, since only minute amounts of flour residues remain in the sieves – this reduces the cleaning requirement by up to 60 percent. In addition, with Novapur a considerably longer service life can be achieved as compared to conventional wooden sieve stacks.

Better yield thanks to design advantages.
Large sieving areas increase the throughput capacity and make higher yields possible, though throughput does vary according to grain variety and millstream.