MultiTherm™ T / TC

MultiTherm™ T / TC - Precision tempermeter for cocoa butter and chocolate

- Fast and easy
- Precise and reliable
- Integrated data storage
- Upgradable

MultiTherm™ T / TC

Safety throughout your entire production chain
MultiTherm™ accompanies you through your entire production chain by measuring the quality of chocolate and cocoa butter.

The MultiTherm™ TC is a tempermeter that measures the cooling curve of cocoa butter. The BCI value (Bühler Crystallization Index) provides clear information about the quality of the cocoa butter you use. A simple value (1 to 6+) indicates whether it is suitable for further processing or if any potential problems or quality defects can be expected in production. The device is easy to use and gives you information about the quality of the raw cocoa butter before processing, and this protects you against unpleasant surprises — before, during and after being molded.
The MultiTerm™ T works in a similar way to the cocoa butter analysis, by measuring the solidification curve of the chocolate at varying temperatures. The results can be stored in a computer and saved as complete data sets for further analysis.

Fast and easy

  • MultiTherm™ TC will win you over with its speed and outstanding cost effectiveness. It is the only tempermeter that provides a reliable BCI value in approximately an hour. The device can replace more expensive quality-control instruments and eliminates the need for the complex Shukoff curve.

Precise and reliable

  • MultiTherm™ generates precise and reproducible measurements, giving you top performance when it comes to reliable quality control.

Integrated data storage

  • Integrated data storage helps you achieve integrated quality assurance because the test values are traceable. It also lets you centrally manage the formulations and store the data externally. Displaying earlier reference curves allows you compare target vs. actual values.


  • MultiTherm™ TC offers all of the functions of the MultiTherm™ T, which can be upgraded to a TC with an upgrade kit.