Maize Mill Isigayo

Maize Mill Isigayo – Compact maize mill requiring minimum investment.

- Pre-assembled maize mill
- High quality maize flour
- Reliable processing
- High return on investment

Isigayo Compact Maize Mill

Compact maize mill requiring minimum investment.

Isigayo is a compact maize mill for entrepreneurs with big dreams. Its intelligent design takes up little space relative to its impressive intake capacity of 2 tons per hour. Its state-of-the-art technology enables millers to concentrate harvesting, production and consumption in one place, reducing logistics costs and maximizing space. Furthermore, the Isigayo maize mill requires minimal resources and minimum training to operate and it can be fully operational within a week. Designed with your investment in mind
The Isigayo maize mill is engineered as a complete milling plant. It is pre-assembled at Bühler premises inside two shipping containers. It is then quickly and easily installed at your premises, requiring very little infrastructure. If the mill ever needs to be moved, its two-part design allows an easy transport.

Reliable milling process
The Isigayo maize mill is a downscaled version of an industrial flour production site. The solution includes bag intake, cleaning, conditioning, de-germination, grinding, sifting and manual bagging of the finished product. Isigayo produces a high yield of nutritious and high quality maize meal, depending on your required end product.

Peace of mind from the world’s best
Buying an Isigayo maize mill means investing in a high quality Bühler food-processing unit that simply will not let you down. Backed by Bühler support services, an Isigayo maize mill can run 24 hours a day.

Accessible to all kind of entrepreneurs
Whether you are a farmer looking to move further up the food supply chain or a miller seeking new and cost effective ways of producing nutritious, high quality maize meal, Isigayo is the mill for you. Compact, easy to start-up and requiring minimal resources to operate, Isigayo is changing the face of Africa's food production.


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