Long-Goods Pasta Cooler TDKD

Long-Goods Pasta Cooler TDKD – optimal pasta cooling with permanent temperature and dew point monitoring.

- Optimal cooling without condensation
- Meets strictest hygiene demands

Long-Goods Pasta Cooler TDKD

The long-goods pasta cooler lowers the product temperature to a storable level and is clearly separated from the dryer. Therefore, the climate is controlled independently and energy consumption is reduced. During the cooling process the controlled exhaust air system guarantees a low dew point. The water inlet temperature is regulated in such manner that it can never go below the dew point temperature. This results in an optimal cooling without condensation. Furthermore, the lower part of the cooler is completely accessible and allows an efficient cleaning. High reliability and cleanliness through dew point monitoring
Automatic dew point monitoring provides for the best possible cooling performance without condensation. The separation from the dryer ensures low energy consumption.


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