LEYBOLD OPTICS SEC flexible packaging vacuum coater

LEYBOLD OPTICS SEC flexible packaging vacuum coater – A flexible system for the mass production of holographic applications

- High flexibility
- High productivity and quality
- Improved quality control


Already renowned for engineering innovative solutions in the market for vacuum metalizing systems applied to flexible plastic substrates, Bühler Leybold Optics has now taken things to the next level. LEYBOLD OPTICS SEC is a roll-to-roll vacuum metalizing system for the mass production of applications in the areas of protection, security and optical effects. OPP and PET are among the typical substrates used in these processes. Two separate evaporators for different materials maximize flexibility while minimizing setup time. Layer deposition is based on thermal evaporation. Aluminum, copper and zinc sulfide are the most commonly used coating materials.

Suitable for various applications ranging from classic full-area aluminum layers to applications with demanding interference layers, including applications where a wide range of products can be realized with the additional use of the pattern printing system. Multi-purpose utilization is the key to success. LEYBOLD OPTICS SEC products are used for governmental and fiduciary documents, bank notes, vehicle protection, product and brand protection, and many other fields.

High flexibility thanks to an advanced evaporator station
The evaporator station consists of a conventional aluminum or copper evaporator, coupled with a zinc-sulfide evaporator. The evaporators can either be used as single sources or simultaneously for special applications, making the LEYBOLD OPTICS SEC the perfect match for a diverse range of uses.

High productivity and consistent quality due to unique evaporators and plasma pre-treatment

  • The zinc-sulfide evaporator for holographic applications consists of several directly heated metal crucibles. Individual control combined with the low mass of the crucibles is the foundation for the system’s outstanding performance in terms of layer uniformity. The productivity of the evaporator has been significantly optimized due to an innovative crucible arrangement and a huge capacity.
  • Plasma pre-treatment is used to maintain consistent substrate quality prior to processing and to obtain the best product properties. Using the powerful unit, even at maximum speeds, the surface of the plastic substrates is activated by the reactive plasma – a prerequisite for improved layer adhesion. In addition to this feature, plasma pre-treatment also provides further valuable properties such as neutralization, drying and cleaning of the substrates prior to metalizing.

Improved quality control thanks to ISS technology
Bühler Leybold Optics’ proprietary ISS technology provides maximum control over process results and hence guarantees product quality with unprecedented efficiency. The sensor measures complete layer cross-profiles in real-time with a high clock rate, even at maximum process speeds and across the entire range of applications. ISS is the unrivaled reference technology in high-speed roll-to-roll, 100% in-situ, quality control.