LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series of flexible packaging vacuum coaters

LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series of flexible packaging vacuum coaters – High-volume roll-to-roll system for flexible solutions

- High productivity
- High product consistency
- High flexibility


The new LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series applies aluminum coatings to flexible substrates for various solutions at unrivaled speeds for maximum output. Using the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ vacuum coater, process speed can increase by more than 25% compared to conventional systems. In addition to overcoming the technical challenges in the design of a robust, high-speed production machine, operator-friendly process stations have been developed, along with successful thermal management of the substrates during the metallizing process. The machine’s design allows for easy and intuitive operation, even for newcomers to vacuum coating systems. There are three main application areas for flexible coated substrates produced by the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series. These vary according to layer thickness: very thin coatings, such as those used for interlayers between architectural glass panels, medium thicknesses as used for example in food packaging, and thick coatings typically used in the packaging of highly photosensitive electronics. Optimized total cost of ownership (TCO) due to high productivity 
Maximum productivity, as the uppermost criterion for the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series, was realized by the combination of a high-speed winding system, an innovative design and arrangement of the evaporation source and, last but not least, the highly efficient thermal management of the sensitive substrates during processing.

High product consistency thanks to plasma pre-treatment
Plasma pre-treatment is used to obtain a consistent high quality for substrates and to achieve the best product properties before processing. Using the powerful pre-treatment unit, the surface of the plastic substrates is activated by the reactive plasma even at maximum speeds, a prerequisite for improved barrier performance and adhesion of layers. In addition to this feature, plasma pre-treatment also provides further valuable properties like neutralization, drying and cleaning of the substrates prior to metalizing.

Innovative winding system design for flexible requirement adaption
The innovative winding system design of the LEYBOLD OPTICS PAK+ series enables the winding path to be flexibly adapted to the individual requirements of substrates and applications.