Laboratory Disk Mill DLFU

Laboratory Disk Mill DLFU – for precise malt analysis.

- Highest precision
- Versatile and user-friendly
- Optimal sanitation
- Officially certified by EBC, MEBAK and IOB

Laboratory Disk Mill DLFU

Bühler offers the ideal standard component for optimal preparation of all common laboratory analyses: The laboratory disk mill DLFU can reduce any malt variety as well as unmalted grains. This is an especially useful tool for breweries in preparing the product for the most common analyses in the laboratory. Precision at the highest level.
  • The laboratory disk mill DLFU features a continuous (infinite) adjustment device. This allows the desired particle size to be selected according to individual needs.
  • The material is heated only minimally during grinding, ensuring the accuracy of test results.

Flexible and user-friendly.

  • The robust laboratory disk mill DLFU is characterized by its wide range of applications. It is capable of preparing grist samples for any kind of laboratory analysis.
  • The machine is easy to use – contributing to faster analysis results.

Best sanitation through effective self-cleaning.
The grinding chamber is equipped with an effective self-cleaning feature. When changing the material to be ground, manual sanitation measures are not necessary.

Certified reliability.

  • The laboratory disk mill DLFU conforms to all analytical regulations. This is confirmed by its official certification through the EBC, MEBAK and IOB.
  • Regarding operating reliability, the grinder conforms fully to the DIN-EN-ISO 292-1 and 2 standards. This is documented by the CE symbol.


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