Kiln Granotherm DNCB

Kiln Granotherm DNCB – for long shelf life and good taste.

- Outstanding material quality and reliability
- Ideal sanitation
- Energy-saving

Kiln Granotherm DNCB

The kiln Granotherm DNCB is applied in the food processing industry for the hydrothermal treatment of grains – in particular hulled oats – and pulses. It is used in combination with the top-mounted steamer MBDA. Highest quality and safety for the product.
  • The exact setting of the retention time and precise dosing of moisture and heat guarantee the inactivation of the material's enzymes. At the same time, the product is stabilized through the reduction of microbiological contamination. Hydrothermal treatment also improves the taste of the finished product. The process is regulated via electronic cycle control. 
  • The use of stainless steel for all parts that come in contact with the product prevents contamination through corrosion. There are also no driving components or moving parts in the product stream. 
  • The separation of warm and cold exhaust air prevents condensation and, thus, the incidence of a microbial climate. This contributes to providing superior hygiene. 
  • Streamlined radiators in the heating compartments, which are alternately charged with steam, ensure homogenous heat treatment of the product.

High quality construction material gradess deliver excellent sanitation.

  • Easy access for maintenance is provided by hinged cleaning flaps and quick-action closures in the cooling compartment's air outlet hoods.
  • The stainless steel radiators can be pulled out, making maintenance more convenient.
  • The unique design of the machine effectively prevents build-up in the product stream.
  • All air, steam and condensate lines can be easily removed for cleaning.

Economic energy consumption thanks to efficient heat insulation.
The efficient insulating properties of the Granotherm DNCB kiln enable economical operation with low energy consumption.


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