Automatic Hopper Scale MSDL

Automatic Hopper Scale MSDL – for accurate weighing.

- Outstanding precision
- Superior hygiene
- Minimal maintenance

Automatic Hopper Scale MSDL

Bühler offers its automatic hopper scale MSDL for in-plant process control. The MSDL is an automatic, open hopper scale without jacketing for discontinuous weight totalization. The capacity range of this hopper scale stretches from 12 m3/h to 90 m3/h. State-of-the-art technology delivers superior measuring accuracy. 
  • The design of the MSDL allows for steady, low-vibration weighing.
  • The weigh hopper is attached via suspension at three points. This ensures a high level of stability in the weighing cycle. 
  •  The excellent quality of the measuring cells guarantees exceptional measuring accuracy. 
  •  The universal control unit MEAG employs intelligent weighing algorithms for maximum precision.

Outstanding product purity thanks to minimal dust zones.
Thanks to the optimized geometry of all parts that come in contact with the material, dust zones within the automatic hopper scale MSDL are minimal. This prevents any potential compacting of the material stream, thus maximizing product purity.

Robust design for quick and easy maintenance.

  • There are no lubrication points whatsoever on the hopper scale. As a result, no lubrication is necessary during maintenance. 
  •  The easily replaceable system components can be changed quickly and effortlessly as required. 
  •  High-quality seals guarantee the maximum service life of the bearings.