Grist Mill Smartgrist LEFA

Grist Mill Smartgrist LEFA – for an increased brewhouse yield

- Versatile to use
- High degree of operating safety
- Fits into small space
- Gentle grinding of malt and barley
- Pressure shock resistant design

Grist Mill Smartgrist LEFA

The Smartgrist LEFA 4-roller grist mill from Bühler grinds malt and barley into husks, grist and flour in two passages. The preservation of the husks as well as the milling with a 4-roller grist mill lead to shorter lautering times and higher brewhouse yield by comparison with the 2-roller grist mill. Versatile to use
The 4-roller malt grist mill is suitable for installation in industrial plant too thanks to its pressure shock resistance of up to 0.5 bar. The compact and elegant stainless steel design is also ideally suited for show breweries. With its specially tempered titanium rolls, the Smartgrist grinds malt as well as barley.

High degree of operational safety
The Smartgrist LEFA malt grist mill is fitted with an optional permanent magnet in the feed gate, which holds back metal parts. The roll package is spring-loaded so that the milling gap can open if a stone passes through, for example. Also, the machine is very low-maintenance.

Requires only a small footprint
The Smartgrist LEFA is suitable for direct mashing without grist containers for brew sizes of up to 20hl. Eliminating containers and conveying elements means that less space is required and the oxygen intake is reduced to a minimum. Indirect mashing of up to 40hl per brew is also possible with the Smartgrist.


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