Graviscrew MSDR

Graviscrew MSDR – gravimetric metering and continuous recording.

- High flexibility
- Suitable for retrofitting
- Economical continuous monitoring function
- Compact system

Graviscrew MSDR

Bühler's Graviscrew MSDR is the ideal system for providing uninterrupted recording and gravimetric metering (i.e. by weight) of a granular or powdery stream of material. It is suitable for use with flour, semolina, bran and other products. Its applications include processes such as continuous mixing or blending of materials, recording of weight during outloading and continuous addition of micro-ingredients.

Multifunctional for a high level of flexibility.
Offering continuous mass flow measurement on the one hand and mass flow control on the other, the Graviscrew MSDR integrates two functions: The mass flow measurement feature is responsible for the gravimetric recording of the mass of a material stream at a predetermined throughput level. The mass flow control feature, on the other hand, serves in the metering and control of this stream of material. This allows the system to be implemented flexibly according to customer requirements.

Easy retrofitting thanks to extremely low installation height.
Due to its low installation height, the Graviscrew MSDR can be integrated into an existing system even where there is little ceiling height. That means that in situations where height limitations did not allow for the utilization of a system for material recording and gravimetric metering, this system can now be easily retrofitted.

Economical alternative with continuous monitoring.
With Graviscrew, the current stream of material for continuous metering can also be continuously monitored. This solution represents an economical alternative to purely volumetric metering.

Compact design through integrated local control.
An important technical attribute is the integrated MEAG local control: Here, the electronics for operation, control and monitoring are combined, making the Graviscrew MSDR an exceptionally compact solution.


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