Flour Heat Treatment FHT

Flour Heat Treatment FHT – added value for grain products.

- New marketing possibilities
- Wide range of applications
- Excellent sanitation
- Consistent product quality

Flour Heat Treatment FHT

The thermal and hydrothermal treatment of flour, wheat germ and other forms of grain allow for the targeted modification of specific product properties. This process can be used to produce a range of various finished products such as breading, soup or cake flours, as well as stabilized germ and bran with significantly longer shelf life. Bühler's FHT process technology thus opens up new market segments in the food industry for grain milling enterprises. New market outlets through modified flours.
  • Flour Heat Treatment can be used to significantly alter the properties of flour. Modified flours are required in various segments of the food industry – mills benefit by gaining new markets for their products.
  • Thanks to FHT, the shelf life of highly perishable wheat germ can be extended, thus making it more suitable for use in food products.

Flexible use for a wide range of products.

  • Thermal and hydrothermal processes can be carried out in one unit. Thus, FHT offers users wide application variability with regard to the types of flour treatment.
  • Heat-treated flours can be used for various end products including breading, soup and cake flours as well as for producing wheat germ with an extended shelf life. FHT thus results in a larger variety of products.

Design advantages reduce maintenance to a minimum.

  • The interior walls of the heat retention screws in which the "cooking process" takes place is Teflon-coated, making them easy to clean.
  • A unique design makes the heat retention screws easy to open and pull out, allowing for more convenient maintenance.

Unique process results in high product quality.

  • Flour Heat Treatment consists of a heating-up phase followed by a specific dwell time of the material inside the heat retention screws. This method according to the FIFO principle (= first in, first out) ensures uniform duration of treatment – resulting in a consistent finished product.
  • During the process, the raw material is fed at a continuous rate via dosing scale. This constant product flow helps achieve a consistent product quality.


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