FlexiNozzle™ – the revolutionary depositing technology

- Increased efficiency due to high accuracy
- Suitable for various applications
- Food safety is always guaranteed


The innovative FlexiNozzle™ by Bühler is nothing less than a revolution for chocolate manufacturers and other food industries. Thanks to its flexible valve mounts it reliably avoids dripping and tailing when depositing masses. This results in depositing accuracy, mould cleanliness and tail breaking on an unprecedented level. Its main advantages are less polluted moulds, less damaged products and less problems in packaging. With FlexiNozzle™ only one flexible nozzle can be used for all viscosities – without changing or cleaning the plate. Increased productivity and a wider range of products can enhance confectioners’ business prospects. Increased efficiency due to high accuracy
No more dripping and perfect tailing properties: these two major benefits result from the self-closing thermoplastic parts. Even with caramel and similar products there is no tailing. This increases the operational availability of the moulding lines because less cleaning is required and product contamination is considerably reduced. The feature also results in increased packaging efficiency and less waste of valuable raw materials.

Suitable for various applications
FlexiNozzle™ was designed from the start to ensure high flexibility in production. The principle of the nozzle is based on a self-adapting mechanism for different masses, an innovative technology which can deposit any product – from very low to very high viscosity. It is not only the ideal solution for chocolate or filling applications but also for jelly and candy. FlexiNozzle™ can be mounted to all kind of depositors to replace traditional threaded nozzles.

Food safety is always guaranteed
The depositing system is made from high quality food-proof materials such as aluminum. The thermoplastic polyurethane used for the valve elements was especially developed to ensure it can be detected by a standard metal detector in the unlikely case of breakage. Therefore there is never any risk of contamination for the product. Furthermore, the system is easy and quick to install and needs only a minimum of maintenance.


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