Flaking Roller Mill POLYfloc™ BCFA

Flaking Roller Mill POLYfloc™ BCFA – for highest throughputs in a compact space.

- Unrivalled product quality
- Low-vibration operation
- Continuous, trouble-free process
- High flexibility
- Easy service

Flaking Roller Mill POLYfloc™ BCFA

The flaking roller mill POLYfloc™ is especially well suited for the flaking or rolling of grain or grain pellets into breakfast cereals or grain flakes. The POLYfloc™ is also used successfully for specialized, customer-specific applications. High precision, high performance roll cooling for unrivalled product quality.
Thanks to its intelligent design, the flaking roller mill POLYfloc™ ensures consistently outstanding product quality: 
  • Roll gap setting is extremely precise within hundredths of a millimeter. 
  • The precision of the material feeder decisively influences the quality of the flakes. It results in a very narrow distribution range across the entire width of the rolls. 
  • The centrifugally cast rolls feature effective roll cooling: cooling circuits in the roll shell guarantee a consistent roll temperature over the entire surface of the roll. 

Quiet operation through low-vibration design.
The roller mill runs quietly with low vibration levels and can be installed without any special construction measures: Due to a unique design principle, the oscillation and vibration that occurs during heavy-duty flaking are effectively suppressed – the roller mill is mounted on special damping elements and all housing parts are attached via dampers to the roller mill.

Continuous, trouble-free process for consistent product quality.
The scraper knife can be adjusted selectively, so that contact with the scraper is precise along the entire width of the roll. Unwanted sticking of the material is completely elimi-nated, ensuring continuous, trouble-free operation and consistent product quality.

High flexibility – exact adaptation to customer needs. 

  • Because the flaking roller mill is available in three sizes, it can be ideally adapted to provide the desired throughput, which can range as high as 6000 t/h depending on the material. 
  • Three differently equipped versions of the flaking roller mill are available: POLYfloc™, ECOfloc™ and PRIOfloc™. Thus, the performance range offered by the flaking roller mill can be oriented precisely to customer needs. 

Easy service thanks to an optimized design.
Each of the rolls is removed on the same side – the operator side. This reduces the time and effort required for a roll change by half.