Flaking Roller Mill MDFA

Flaking Roller Mill MDFA – production of high quality grain flakes.

- Meets the highest sanitation and food safety standards
- Uniform product quality
- Easy installation and operation
- Low maintenance

Flaking Roller Mill MDFA

The flaking roller mill MDFA has been specially developed for flaking various types of grain including oats, rye, wheat, spelt and barley. As an integrated component in the overall process for grain processing, it sets new sanitation, food safety, product quality and convenience of use standards. Beltless direct drive
The flaking roller mill has a direct drive without belts. The speed ratio for the flaking roller mill can be accurately adjusted using the EasyFlake control system. This drive principle, and the automatic roll gap adjustment with spindle instead of hydraulics, improve food safety by limiting the risk of contamination by oil.

Uniformly high product quality
A roll temperature control unit, combined with peripherally drilled rolls, ensure a consistent roll temperature. Additionally, 600 mm diameter, high-quality rolls enable optimal surface pressure. Both contribute significantly to uniformly high flake quality.

Convenient operating interface
The flaking roller mill has a user-friendly EasyFlake machine control system with a touch screen panel and 3D visualization. The control for the machine can be quickly learned, reducing training effort and increasing operating safety at the same time.

Easy installation
The flaking roller mill is delivered with installed rolls, geared motors and feeder unit, reducing installation time to a minimum.

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