Finer S M™

Finer S M™ - flexible, high-grade five-roll refiner for small budgets.

- Optimal price-to-performance ratio
- Consistent, reproducible fineness-to-throughput characteristic
- High production efficiency
- Reliable, durable, and easy to maintain

Finer S M™ 1300 / 1800

This Bühler refiner has a low level of automation and has been designed for monolines or product recipe types with similar plasticity and fineness properties. It enables a broad range of chocolate, filling, and coating masses to be refined to 12 to 60 microns. Thanks to its stable intake gap and floating rolls, the five-roll refiner allows size reduction with a very narrow particle size distribution and simultaneous homogenizing and flavoring of the product. The Finer S M™ is available with two roll lengths: 1300 and 1800 mm. Optimal price-to-performance ratio.
The Finer S M™ is a dependable, easy-to-handle, and sturdy machine of accustomed Bühler quality. It is optimized to match customers’ specific product recipes. This enables the required product quality and the predefined throughput capacity to be achieved on a reproducible basis.

Food- and personal safety on highest level.
Foodsafety and personal safety are a priority for this five roll refiner. The comprehensive hygiene concept for an easy cleanability increases the efficiency of the machine, without compromises on personal safety. On demand, the complete process zone is available in stainless steel.

High flexibility for maximum production efficiency.
The roller speeds and the differential roller speeds, which are matched to the specific production process and masses, and the useful roll length allow the Finer S M™ to be applied both for flexible small production runs and for monolines with high throughput capacities. Thanks to controlled roll cooling, this is also possible with temperature-sensitive products.

Wear-resistant rolls for long service life.

  • Bühler centrifugally cast rolls have an extremely hard surface, which guarantees very high wear resistance. Thanks to their uniformly distributed hardness, the rolls can be reground several times.
  • The application of high-grade, tested machine components and permanent performance monitoring ensure high operating reliability.
  • Further improved access to all areas allows efficient maintenance and cleaning of the machine.


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