Twin-Screw Extrusion System ECOtwin™

Twin-Screw Extrusion System ECOtwin™ – for fish and petfood of consistently high quality.

- Modules for desired product properties
- High product quality through reliable process control
- Extremely user-friendly
- Flexible cutter

Twin-Screw Extrusion System ECOtwin™

The twin-screw extrusion system ECOtwin™ consists of the twin-screw extruder ECOtwin™, the preconditioner ECOtherm™ as well as the accompanying machine control system. It is especially tailored to the needs of feed production, particularly the production of petfood and feed for industrial fish farming. The twin-screw extrusion system ECOtwin™ is optionally available with an SME module and density control module. Modules for desired product properties.
With the SME and density control modules, the cooking degree and density of the end product can be adjusted according to customer specifications. These auxiliary modules are integrated into the existing process control and guarantee consistently high product quality:
  • With the help of the patented SME module, the structure of the pellets is precisely determined. During the cooking process, the module regulates the specific mechanical energy (SME) to the desired level according to the retarding length. 
  • By adding steam or returning steam to the preconditioner, or through the generation of a vacuum, the patented density control module ensures the required bulk density and appropriate degree of expansion of the end product.

High product quality through reliable process control. 

  • The intelligent process control of the twin-screw extrusion system ECOtwinTM monitors the various production parameters, thus guaranteeing the consistent quality of the product. 
  • The ECOtwinTM's recipe memory results in a significant reduction in workload for operating personnel: more than 1000 recipes can be accessed with a single keystroke. 
  • Predefined start-up and shut-down sequences help conserve raw materials while speeding up the production process. 
  • Each stage of production is clearly displayed on the ECOtwinTM's touch-screen: fine tuning of the extrusion system as well as changes to the production process can be carried out directly on the user interface at all times.

User-friendly screw ejection unit.
The unique screw ejection unit developed and patented by Bühler solves the problem of seized screws: instead of having to disassemble the machine, all that's necessary to eject the pair of screws is a single touch on the touch-screen. This reduces maintenance requirements and prevents potential damage to the screw elements.

Flexible cutter ensures consistent product quality and minimized downtimes.
The twin-screw extruder is equipped with a cutter that can be moved laterally – the knife can be adjusted while the machine is in operation. Additionally, changing the knife heads is possible without shutting down the machine. This minimizes downtimes and means the extrusion system can produce pellets of the same size continuously with no deformation.


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