Ecomation™ – Moisture control

- Reduced energy consumption
- Minimized risk of overdrying
- Automated Operation
- Detailed and clear documentation

Ecomation™: Your way to improve efficiency

The drying costs incurred subject to the raw product and crop moisture represent a crucial factor for the producer’s competitiveness. With the Ecomation Buhler provides an automatic moisture control system for optimal monitoring, control and adjustment of the drying process. Customer values:

Reduced energy consumption.
Preventing overdrying of the product increases the dryer efficiency and significantly reduces the specific energy consumption.

Minimized risk of overdrying.
The diagram above shows that in the absence of a control system the drying result is often inhomogeneous and generally too dry, since the storage of humid product would produce grain spoilage. The automatic control system allows to get much closer to the desired moisture value and thus to avoid cost-intensive overdrying.

Automated operation.
The automated operation simplifies the use of the dryer and makes it much easier for the operator to cope with daily routine, because he can focus on other productive and value-adding activities.

Detailed and clear documentation.
Owing to the recording of various parameters, such as the actual initial moisture content and the final moisture content, the operator can precisely reproduce and chart the degree of drying in the different grain portions.

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