Discharge station MKSB

Discharge station MKSB – flexible, fast and hygienic bag discharge.

- Modular design
- Excellent sanitation
- High throughput
- Fast sieve changing
- Simple product feeding
- Ergonomic operation

Discharge station MKSB

The Bühler discharge station MKSB is versatile and flexible to use thanks to its modular design. Depending on the type, bags or big bags and bags can be discharged at one station. The machine’s success is based on its absolutely hygienic and safe design. Furthermore, it is the first discharge system to combine sanitation and food safety with an ergonomic work process. The Bühler MKSB convinces with a simple product feeding and a fast sieve changing, for which no tools are required. Also, a complete emptying of the machine without residues is guaranteed. Maximum flexibility thanks to modular design
  • The discharge station is designed in a modular way and is therefore available as a tipping station for bags as well as a combined station for bags and big bags.
  • Different hoist frames allow for customized solutions with regard to the big bag placement.
  • For aspiration and transport, various possibilities are available to meet individual requirements.

Sanitation takes priority

  • The completely closed and sealed stainless steel design combines a fine surface finish and wide angles, ensuring that product deposits are prevented.
  • A wide opening provides easy cleaning and fast changing of the sieve.
  • Sieves with different screen openings and an optional magnet ensure that no foreign material find their way into the product stream.
  • A complete emptying without residues is ensured.

Large sieve movement guarantees high throughput

  • The sieve holds back agglomerates and lumps, while the large circular sieve movement guarantees a high throughput.
  • The flow rate can be adapted easily by using a height-adjustable hopper.
  • Fast tipping ensures an efficient feeding of the product.

Ergonomic machine operation

  • Five different positions for the bag table are offered, which makes an individual height adjustment possible.
  • Thanks to the large sieve movement and direct pick-up, the machine is designed to be extremely low in height and therefore allows ergonomic tipping without a platform – which provides a user-friendly working process.

Discharge Station MKSB

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