SmartVac. Vacuumsystem

• Increased productivity
• Overall process flexibility
• Integrated data storage and quality control
• Comprehensive traceability
• Easy operation
• Preventive maintenance

Vacuum process solutions that increase productivity

Die casting supported by vacuum processes improves process stability, which leads to quality improvements of the castings. The integrated Bühler SmartVac System exceeds the limits of previous applications and combines vacuum technology and die casting technology under one roof. This leads to higher productivity, more flexibility and seamless traceability.
Fully integrated and flexible in its application
SmartVac makes direct control and monitoring of commercially available vacuum valves possible. This includes self-closing valves that are mechanically, thermally (chill blocks) or hydraulically actuated or combinations thereof. This allows for the existing extraction points to be simultaneously and independently activated and monitored directly from the die casting machine.

Continuous monitoring of vacuum performance and filter condition
Process values are recorded cyclically and provide information about the current state of the system. This allows for immediate reports about any leaks around the die or when a filter has to be cleaned or changed.

Easy handling due to central operation
All functions and parameters of the SmartVac system can be set through the control system of the die casting machine. Just like the rest of the machine settings, they are saved in the die program. This supports accurate and fast production changes and results in an increase in productivity.