BuhlSpray linear.

BuhlSpray linear. Reliable and efficient spraying device

- Short spraying times for added productivity
- Easy to use
- Quick refitting

BuhlSpray linear

The modern, reliable two-axle spraying device allows for targeted and efficient spraying of the die. It is available in several sizes and is particularly well-suited for very challenging and complex cavities. Short spraying times for added productivity
  • BuhlSpray linear is available with spraying tools from up to eight spraying and blowing circuits and offers the highest level of precision as well as flexibility. 
  • High-performance spraying tools optimally suited to each application shorten the spraying times and increase system productivity.

Easy to use

  • The spraying device is integrated into the Datanet casting cell controls and can be programmed through a handheld device with a screen. This makes it possible to coordinate the spraying process with the core movements in the easiest way.

Quick refitting

  • As is the case for all Buhl devices, the spraying program for the BuhlSpray linear is also part of the die program which accelerates retrofitting production substantially.

Data and designs

Vertical stroke 1,000 to 2,500 mm (depending on the size of the equipment)
Horizontal stroke 800 to 2,500 mm (depending on the size of the machine)
Spraying, blowing circuits Up to 8
Spraying tool Acheson Flextool / Deltacast
Areas of application Fits machine types Evolution and Carat and machine
types up to machine sizes from 260 to 4,400 t.


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